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"GONE" For AIDS Helpline
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Description / Synopsis

We see various buildings traditionally used by pensioners. We see an old-age home, a bowling green, a bingo hall etc. They are all deserted. There is not a single person inside any of them. In this way we highlight the impact of AIDS if we do nothing to halt it's spread.


Because the devastating results of AIDS are not immediately visible, people do not take it seriously. Thus the disease continues to spread. Our task was to get people to sit up and take notice of the damage the virus is doing, and will do, to our society.


We gave viewers a glimpse of what our society will be like if nothing is done to halt the spread of the disease: A place with a life expectancy of 45. A place with no old people.

AgencyNet#work BBDO
CityHyde Park
AdvertiserAIDS Helpline
Brand NameSedibeng Sa Bophelo
Product NameHelpline Service
Sustainability Themes Health & Sanitation
Date of First Publication 02/11/2004
Country of ProductionSouth Africa
TaglineBy 2010 life expectancy in Africa will be 45. Anyone older will be hard to find
Length60 seconds
Account Director: Sunu Gonera
Art Director: Philip Ireland
Copywriter: John Davenport
Creative Director: Mike Schalit