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"Give nature some space" For Stichting Natuur en Milieu
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Description / Synopsis

In a densily populated country like the Netherlands nature is threatened more and more by buildings and roads. The effect on the Dutch wildlife is sometimes devastating.


People aren't aware of how much pressure there is on Dutch nature right now. This campaign is asking attention for this problem so we can find new ways and means to save nature and all wild animals living in it.

Title"Give nature some space"
Original Title"Geef de natuur de ruimte"
AgencyCygnus X-3
AdvertiserStichting Natuur en Milieu
Brand NameNatuur en Milieu
Product NameEnvironmental Awareness
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity
Date of First Publication 10/01/2004
Country of ProductionNetherlands
TaglineGive nature some space
Length60 seconds
Awards -Gouden Lamp, 2005 (Finalist) for TV
-SAN, 2004 (SAN Accent (=first prize)) for Public interest
-Eurobest, 2004 (Finalist) for TV/Cinema: Public Awareness messages
-Epica, 2004 (Silver Epica) for Public Interest
Art Director: Marsel Van oosten
Copywriter: Arjen De jong
Music: Lisa Gerrard