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"Snow Shaker Evergreen" For Verband der Schweizerischen Gasindustrie
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Original Description / Synopsis

It's a cool late afternoon. The boy is hidding a snowdome (fortuneteller) in his hands, looking into the camera with a mischiwevous face, he opens his hands and shakes the snowdome until snow is falling inside. The green erdgas-leaf is dancing in the snow towards the house in direction of a slightly opened window, entering into the living room of the house where the amazed boy is catching the leaf and presenting it to his father, who is sitting relaxed, reading a book.

Title"Snow Shaker Evergreen"
AgencyEdelweiss Werbung
AdvertiserVerband der Schweizerischen Gasindustrie
Brand NameErdgas
Product NameErdgas
Original Product NameGaz Naturel
Sustainability Themes Energy
Date of First Publication N/A
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
TypeTelevision & Cinema
TaglineIt's no secret. Natural gas is the future.
Length20 seconds
Account Executive: Gaby Dierauer
Advertiser's Supervisor: Urs Zeller
Agency Producer: Ernst Meier
Art Director: Steffi Proch
Cameraman: Simon Coull
Copywriter: Ernst Meier
Creative Director: Ernst Meier
Director: Brendon Norman-ross
Producer: Michaela Trümpi
Sound Production: Alex Kirschner