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"Fish" For Paragon Marketing Communications
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Description / Synopsis

A gold fish in sweet water with a headline "No one can appriciate water like a fish"


Water in Kuwait a desert country with no rivers, lakes, natural springs is dependant on distilled water from the sea a very costly process and people in Kuwait are wasting it by washing their cars with a hose instead of a bucket, changing the swiming pool water every day and watering the gardens with a hose instead of using sprinklers. we should draw thier attention to the value of drinking water and how scarse it is.


Feature a gold fish known to have poor memory and a small brain to drive the point that a fish is more inellegent than humans as it appriciates water more than they do and how water is equal to life as a fish can not survive without water for more than a couple of minutes. saving water is the smart thing to do. the sub headline with the fact that "Only 1% of earths water is drinkable" helps drive the point through and a call for action "Save water"


Water wastage has been reduced by 48% and a lot of public rest rooms have been fitted with water saving devices.

AgencyParagon Marketing Communications
AdvertiserParagon Marketing Communications
Brand NameParagon Marketing Communications
Sustainability Themes Freshwater
Date of First Publication 12/02/2005
Country of ProductionKuwait
TaglineNo one can appriciates water as much as a fish
Advertising Manager: Diana Dimitrova
Art Director: Khalid Al rifae
Creative Director: Louai Alasfahani
Executive Creative Director: Mohamed Alasfahani
Graphic Designer: Nader Al najar