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"Moving towards OFR reporting… 1" For BG Group
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BG Group is a leading player in the global energy market, with operations in over 20 countries across five continents.
The Group appointed Black Sun to publish its 2004 suite of reports, including the Annual Report (both on and offline), the Annual Review, the Corporate Responsibility Report and the Data Book.
At the outset, BG Group commissioned Black Sun to conduct an in-depth review of its 2003 Annual Report, and to provide strategic recommendations on how to bring the 2004 report into line with the Government’s OFR recommendations with the aim of reducing repetition of information, length and therefore, the cost of producing the Annual Report.


Our goal for the project was to provide BG Group with informed recommendations on the structure of their 2004 report, best practice content to be included in their 2004 report and an assessment of the existing content from the 2003 report that could be used as a basis for development.
Black Sun embarked on a four-stage approach to this challenge.
o Stage one involved a detailed analysis of existing best practice content and approaches to OFR reporting amongst BG Group’s ‘peer group’ in the FTSE 100.
o Stage two resulted in recommendations for best practice structure and content for the 2004 report, which included identification of informational gaps as well as areas of content repetition in BG Group’s 2003 report.
o In stage three we created a template document, which restructured, rewrote and annotated the content from the 2003 report.
o Finally, in stage four we developed a ‘content blueprint’ document, which acted as a clear structure and content outline for the 2004 Annual Report.
All these stages delivered clear guidelines and recommendations, which were of immense benefit to both internal authors and stakeholders in preparing for the 2004 Annual Report.


The result is a clear, full, and yet concise report that builds on BG Group’s leadership position in corporate reporting by positioning the company well for the forthcoming OFR regulations.

Title"Moving towards OFR reporting… 1"
AgencyBlack Sun Plc Corporate Reporting
AdvertiserBG Group
Brand NameBG Group
Sustainability Themes Energy, Ethical Business & CSR
Date of First Publication N/A
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TypeAnnual Report