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"Naturella Advertorial 1" For Procter & Gamble
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Description / Synopsis

This case study demonstrates how a deeply insightful strategy and a strong holistic execution quickly established the ‘Naturella’ brand as a serious competitor in the Russian and Polish sanitary pad markets. By eschewing the rational promises that characterised competitive advertising and seeking to connect with the target audience on a more emotional level, incredible advertising cut-through was achieved despite relatively low share-of-voice. This, combined with innovative store level activity, delivered outstanding in-market results that included exceeding year one awareness and share objectives in only 8 months.


• To grow overall Procter & Gamble volume share of the pad market in Russia and Poland without cannibalising their existing Always brand.
• To achieve critical mass volume share of pads in both markets within 12 months of launch.
• To rapidly and efficiently build high levels of awareness and trial.
• To create a measurably distinctive, ownable and desirable positioning for a new brand of pad.

Women 20-34 who rejected Always because they found the product too expensive and the advertising too offensive. Their lives were a daily struggle to make ends meet, with little time to devote to themselves or friendships. They had traditional attitudes and believed that periods were a feminine secret. As people they responded more to emotion than to logic and were instinctively drawn toward natural products. When buying pads, femininity and the sensual experience would always be preferable to the rational Always promise of high-tech protection and a modern lifestyle.

July 2004 to December 2004.


Given the similarity in target audiences in Latin America, where Naturella had already been successfully launched, we decided to adapt the LA campaign. Contrary to the existing category focus on protection or value, Naturella focussed on naturalness, care and femininity. At the heart of the Naturella’s communication was a distinctive and appealing promise; a pad which would care for the skin because it was made from natural fibres and contained camomile. Conveniently, camomile was a long-trusted traditional skin care remedy. The advertising also tapped into the target’s love of nature and their belief that periods were a secret feminine experience. It brought to life an idealised natural world, where women could gather to celebrate their femininity and escape the drudgery of their everyday life. Coded language and visual metaphors communicated the product message in a more subtle and feminine way than Always.

Critical to the success of the Naturella was the local holistic exploitation of the strategy which enabled the brand to make a powerful personal connection with consumers. Research identified that among the target word of mouth and in-store presence were key drivers of trial, So a large proportion of the budget was used to fund in-store brand experiences that would get women talking, such as creating ‘Naturella havens’ in open markets and shopping malls.

Broadcast, Print, Sales Promotion, Interactive/On-Line, Out-of-Home

€ 5 to € 10 million.

The brand launch was supported by an extensive media plan. In Russia, the brand was supported with TV and locally-developed print and outdoor advertising. All print materials featured the camomile flowers in the shape of knickers, which subtly reinforced the brand promise without embarrassing women. In Poland the main television and print campaign (also featuring the camomile knickers) was preceded by intriguing TV and print teasers. Additionally, the largest local internet portal incorporated a Naturella Zone into their health and beauty section.


• Results show an immediate uplift in total P&G volume share, following the launch in Feb ‘04. This demonstrates that volume came from competitors, notably Bella with virtually no cannibalisation of Always.
• Naturella far exceeded volume growth expectations, achieving its 12 month share objective in 6 months in Russia and in 8 months in Poland.
• In both markets Naturella exceeded its first year awareness objectives within 6 months. This is supported by the high levels of branded cut-through that the campaign achieved despite a significantly lower share of voice than competitors. See Russian results in Chart 1 below. An almost identical pattern was also seen in Poland.
• Equity tracking results after only 3 months reveal that Naturella very quickly began to establish ownership** of their target equities of ‘naturalness’, ‘skincare’ and ‘camomile’.
• The desirability of the Naturella’s promise can be seen from qualitative research and advertising pre-test verbatims, which reveal just how positively women responded to the brand promise.

Title"Naturella Advertorial 1"
AgencyLeo Burnett SP.Z.O.O
AdvertiserProcter & Gamble
Brand NameNaturella
Product NamePads
Sustainability Themes Others
Date of First Publication 02/07/2004
Country of ProductionPoland
Awards -EURO EFFIES, 2005 (Bronze) for Toiletries & Beauty