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"Human Ball" For Médecins sans Frontières
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Description / Synopsis

The film shows an African man who stumbles and falls. As he rolls over the ground, he takes three women with him. We see this cluster of human roll on, taking more men, women and children on its path. The big ball gathers momentum and we see a huge ball of humans approaching a city. As the ball enters the city, it is gigantic and set to consume the whole city. It approaches a woman singing on the marketplace. As it collides with the woman, we fade to black and the message appears.


December 1st 2005 was World Aids Day.


Creative Directors Peter Ampe and Katrien Bottez created this superb and powerful film for their client Médecins sans Frontières for the treatment of AIDS

Title"Human Ball"
AgencyDuval Guillaume
AdvertiserMédecins sans Frontières
Brand NameMédecins sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders
Date of First Publication 01/12/2005
Country of ProductionBelgium
TaglineDon't let AIDS gain more ground. Everyone must have access to treatment
Length45 seconds
Awards -International ANDY Awards, 2006 (Bronze) for Animation
-Ad-Awards, 2006
Account Manager: Sylvie De couvreur ,  Inez De pooter ,  Isabel Peeters
Advertiser's Supervisor: Michel Vilée
Advertising Manager: Peter Casaer ,  Bart Van de put
Agency Producer: Marc Van buggenhout ,  Roxane Lemaire
Art Director: Alexander Cha'ban
Copywriter: Tiny Nys
Creative Director: Peter Ampe ,  Katrien Bottez
Director: Andreas Hasle
Music: Marie Daulne
Music Composer: Zap Mama
Music Lyricist: Zap Mama
Producer: Ingrid Maes ,  Kato Maes
Special Effects / VFX:  Grid