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"3L Lupo TDI / Tomorrow starts today" For Volkswagen
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Volkswagen is a leader in low-consumption vehicles in Europe. While the legislation is becoming more stringent, the company launched the Lupo 3L TDI with still unrivalled low CO2 emissions (81g/km).


To promote an eco-product focusing on the overall value, innovation, safety and quality. The environmental concept is integrated and the series of advertisements for the car’s launch highlighted the innovative aspects of the Lupo 3L.


Despite a positive and extensive press coverage supported by strong recommendations from environmental groups, the pricing was a real barrier for consumers and led to a commercial failure. But it certainly contributed to extend purchases of advanced diesels in Europe

Title"3L Lupo TDI / Tomorrow starts today"
Original Title"3L Lupo TDI / Ab heute ist morgen"
Sustainability Themes Energy, Transport
Date of First Publication 30/07/1999
Country of ProductionGermany
TaglineTomorrow starts today
Original TaglineAb heute ist morgen
Account Executive: Rainer  Burkhardt ,  Sascha Mehn
Art Director: Thorsten Altmann
Photographer: Christopher Thomas ,  Reinaldo Coser