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"The Environment Train" For German Agency for Technical Cooperation
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Although Algeria has one of the most modern environmental legislations on the African continent, the message of sustainability is trickling down to citizens only slowly.


To make understandable information about ecology available to all of the inhabitants of Algeria’s twenty largest cities. The joint Algerian-German project grabbed people’s attention through a multiple-carriage onboard exhibition on the urban environment, biodiversity, the industrial environment, and environmental education. Personal implication of visitors was achieved through animations and side events organized by local NGOs and community actors.


Immense enthusiasm among the population, with more than a million visitors in just five months. Because of its extraordinary success, a rerun is planned that will include more cities, also extending the campaign to Tunisia and Morocco.

Title"The Environment Train"
Original Title"Le Train de l’environnement"
AgencyPictura / Advertising Strategy
CityTunis / Alger
AdvertiserGerman Agency for Technical Cooperation
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/01/2002
Country of ProductionAlgeria
Account Director: Lotfi Houidi ,  Mohamed Tahar bouchenafa