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"Cleanest Town Competition" For South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
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The management of domestic refuse is one of South Africa’s most pressing problems today. Streets are strewn with litter, some areas do not have waste-collection services, and many residents are unaware of the basic concepts of handling waste.


To make the South African government’s official long-term waste management strategy more palpable. The annual contest aims to change attitudes by raising awareness and educating the population on good waste management practices. In a bottom-up approach, it activates municipalities as the smallest entities of collective conscience, showing that the community can draw pride from a clean, waste-efficient local environment.


Citizens have found a new sense of respect and responsibility for their communities and the environment. Friendly competition left cities visibly cleaner nationwide. As the jury’s evaluation is published in an annual report, participants get a guaranteed feedback on how they are doing. Also, an overview of best practices shows the way for an even more successful next round.

Title"Cleanest Town Competition"
Original Title"Khuzaza Creations"
AgencyKhuzaza Creations
AdvertiserSouth African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Sustainability Themes Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 01/01/2001
Country of ProductionSouth Africa
TaglineMy Environment, My Life