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"Energy savings" For French Ministry of the Environment
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Surveys found that 73% of the French population agrees that individuals must adopt a more sustainable lifestyle if climate change is to be stopped. However, only 10% are aware of the impact their personal energy use has on greenhouse gas emissions.


To sensitize French citizens for the importance of individual action on climate change. It was initiated through a state-sponsored nationwide TV and newspaper campaign in 2004 to boost awareness. Local partnership events organized by communities, companies, and NGOs followed. They served as occasions to approach people directly with advice on how to reduce household energy consumption, for example with leaflets and guidebooks.


In 2005, awareness of the ongoing campaign was polled at 71%. Of those recalling at least one TV spot, 80% say they will pay more attention to their personal energy consumption in the future. Also, 45% of those reached by the campaign say they have already changed at least one of their energy consumption habits as a result from the information given.

Title"Energy savings"
Original Title"Economies d’énergie"
AgencyTBWA Corporate
AdvertiserFrench Ministry of the Environment
Sustainability Themes Energy, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/01/2004
Country of ProductionFrance
TaglineHurry up, it’s getting warmer
Original TaglineFaisons vite, ça chauffe
Account Director: Elisabeth Coutureau
Account Executive: Sandrine Mohr
Copywriter: Alain  Jalabert