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"Clean Air Day" For Canadian Ministry of the Environment
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Canada’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions are the second highest in the world. Of these emissions, 18 percent are due to personal motorized transport


To incite people to adopt more sustainable transportation patterns. Highly decentralized, the annual campaign is carried out mainly by local stakeholders (mass transit authorities, NGOs, and business partners). The Canadian Ministry of the Environment provides the branded message, coordinates the campaign, and gives it additional visibility and legitimacy on the national level.


An online feature enables Canadian participants to calculate individual emissions reductions (for more information: The numbers of the 2004 campaign added up to over 60,000 tonnes in greenhouse gas reductions (the annual output of a medium-sized town).

Title"Clean Air Day"
Original Title"Clean Air Day/Journée de l’air pur"
AdvertiserCanadian Ministry of the Environment
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere
Date of First Publication 01/01/1999
Country of ProductionCanada
TaglineGive the Earth some clean air
Original TaglineGive the Earth some clean air/Donnons de l’air pur à la planète