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"Nature Lovers 2" For Eurowiknobud
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To initiate a public movement for environmental protection To draw public attention to environmental pollution problems: On the road When relaxing and in the streets In the countryside


visuals designed to continuously draw public attention to the problems visuals placed in unconventional media with minimum resources information on the drive in the press NATURE LOVERS drive developed as part of the social advertising contest “New Names in Advertising”

Title"Nature Lovers 2"
AgencyAdell Saatchi & Saatchi
Brand NameEurowiknobud
Product NameSocial advertising, environment protection
Date of First Publication 01/05/2005
Country of ProductionUkraine
TaglineNature is like a bum
Awards -REX International Advertising and Marketing Exhibition , 2005 (2nd Prize)
-REX International Advertising and Marketing Exhibition , 2005 (1st Prize)
-National Festival of Social Advertisement, 2005 (1st Prize)
-Kiev International Advertising Festival, 2005 (1st Prize)
-Baltic Advertising Festival "Golden Hammer", 2005 (1st Prize)
Art Director: Sergei Kozhevnikov
Copywriter: Tatiana Meshcheryakova