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"Tippex 1: Lake" For Greenpeace
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Description / Synopsis

We Tipp-Exed out the impact of nuclear power stations on the environment.


Nuclear power has failed. It’s not just dangerous to humans, it also generates toxic waste and has a significant environmental impact, affecting both plant and animal life, damaging the countryside and its ecosystems. This failure has been amply proved.


We deleted the effects of nuclear power stations from a picture of the environment. It was about time somebody put things right.


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Title"Tippex 1: Lake"
AgencyTiempo BBDO, S.A.P.
Brand NameGreenpeace
Product NameAntinuclear
Date of First Publication 01/04/2006
Country of ProductionSpain
TaglineIt was about time somebody puts things right
Art Director: Manuel Padilla ,  Javi Gracia
Copywriter: Javi Ingles
Executive Creative Director: Ferran Blanch
Others: Siscu Molina ,  Marta Puig