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"“Drop your own” Awareness raising campaign for the propagation of selective waste collection in Hungary" For Ministry of Environment and Water, Hungary
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Description / Synopsis

The campaign was launched in order to achieve better results in waste separation and to involve the population into environmental issues. Furthermore, the Ministry of Environment and Water wanted to build up a more direct relation with the man on the street.


The ministry's aim was to communicate in a new way with the public. In order to do this the main point was to tell the serious message in an easy, funny way. We wanted to teach and entertain them in the same time. During the whole campaign the waste management was handled as a normal” product” that has to be sold.


• Before and after the campaign a survey was carried out • Before: more than 57% of the population said that they have knowledge about the opportunities of selective waste management but do not use. After: this data reduced to 21% as a result of the campaign. • The spreading of information and messages is also successful • Before: 45% of the questioned people did not know how many people can use the selective waste spots. After: there is a reduction to 29%. • According to media poll, the TV spots reached 83,1% of the target group. • During the campaign there were more than 42.067.104 downloads from the microsite and banners.

Title"“Drop your own” Awareness raising campaign for the propagation of selective waste collection in Hungary"
Original Title"Dobja be mindenki a magáét! Lakossági szemléletformáló kampány a szelektív hulladékgyűjtés népszerűsítéséért "
AgencyWell Advertising and PR Agency
CityBudapest, Hungary
AdvertiserMinistry of Environment and Water, Hungary
Sustainability Themes Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 16/12/2005
Country of ProductionHungary
TaglineDrop your own!
Original TaglineDobja be mindenki magáét!
Account Director: Eva Kovács
Account Manager: Gabriella Szabó ,  Ildikó  Pataki
Art Director: Péter  Flanek
Copywriter: Gábor Péteri
Creative Director: Julia Nemes
Graphic Designer: Anett Zsupponits ,  Orsi Frey
Others: Gábor Erdei ,  Alexa Lakosi