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"International Black Sea Action Day 2006" For Black Sea Commission
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Description / Synopsis

2006 marked the first year that a consistent regional campaign had been developed to support International Black Sea Action Day on 31 October. A mixture of audience research, postive messaging, and clever community initiatives helped to mobilise public support in the fight to save the Black Sea from the impacts of human pollution.


Until very recently many people living in coastal communities around the Black Sea remained largely unaware of efforts to protect their marine environment.In the early 1990’s coastal countries signed the Bucharest Convention and the established the Black Sea Commission. On 31 October 1996 the countries of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine also signed the Strategic Action Plan for the Protection and Rehabilitation of the Black Sea.Since then 31 October has been celebrated as International Black Sea Action Day and many environmental NGO’s have worked hard to try and mobilise community support with activities such as beach clean ups and education programmes.However, despite committed activity from the Commission and NGO’s the general public living in coastal areas remained largely unaware of the main environmental problems facing the Black Sea.In 2006 the UNDP/Global Environment Facility funded Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project decided to work with regional NGO’s to reinvigorate Black Sea Day to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Strategic Action Plan.


In July 2006 a survey of 500 people living in coastal towns and cities surrounding the Black Sea found very low levels of awareness of the main environmental problems facing the Black Sea. Many people thought the Sea was in bad shape but they were unaware of the main problems posed by nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) from poor agricultural practices and untreated wastewater.The objective of International Black Sea Action Day 2006 was to create a regional campaign that: 1/ Strengthened awareness of the need for greater action to protect the Black Sea 2/ Provided a positive and engaging message about what individuals could do to protect the Black Sea 3/ Raised awareness of the problems posed by nutrient pollution The approach was to mobilize NGO and community support through the application of a positive and engaging campaign focused on the need for individual and government action.Sirius Communications used the results of the audience survey to develop posters, print advertising and the website This website also provided people with the opportunity to take the “Black Sea Pledge” – a list of 6 simple things that individuals could do to protect the Black Sea.Popularity of the regional branding was replicated at the national level with TV spots and a range of communications tools such as banners, competitions, concerts, and direct action initiatives.


International Black Sea Day 2006 attracted the direct participation of more than 40,000 people in nearly 100 separate events and activities around the Black Sea. This included direct participation of Environment Ministers, Mayors and senior officials from coastal municipalities. Media coverage of International Black Sea Action Day activities reached an estimated audience of more than 8 million people throughout the region (although some media reports on Russia’s national TV reached an estimated audience of 145 million people). One of the main communications objectives was to encourage people to visit the new website ( and to take the “Black Sea Pledge”. In the first month more than 4000 people had taken the online Pledge with an estimated 5000 pledges provided through signed petitions.Post campaign surveys will attempt to measure increases in the level of understanding of nutrient pollution as the main environmental issue facing the Black Sea.

Title"International Black Sea Action Day 2006"
Original Title""
AdvertiserBlack Sea Commission
Brand NameInternational Black Sea Action Day
Product Nameprint advertising
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Seas & Oceans
Date of First Publication 09/01/2006
Country of ProductionTurkey
TaglineThe Future of the BLack Sea is in Our Hands
Account Director: Pinar Cakmak
Designer: Ozgun  Ozan