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"Recycled paper" For Banco Real ABN/AMRO
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This ad shows that Banco Real is the leading Brazilian bank in large scale use of recycled paper and desires to propagate this idea, inviting people to do as the bank does: use less, re-use if using less is not an option and recycle whenever you can.


Believing in sustainable development is investing in a better future.

Title"Recycled paper"
Original Title"Papel Reciclado Recorte"
AgencyLew Lara
CitySão Paulo
AdvertiserBanco Real ABN/AMRO
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Waste & Recycling, Finance, Ethical Business & CSR, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/12/2005
Country of ProductionBrazil
TaglineMaking more possible
Original TaglineFazendo mais que o possível
Account Director: Márcio  Oliveira
Account Executive: Hamilton  Leão ,  Karina  Beznos goldstein
Creative Team: Jaques  Lewkowicz ,  Marco  Versolato ,  André  Laurentino ,  Marco  Loco ,  Margit 
Photographer: Felipe  Hellmeister