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"Sustainable development in bakeries " For GIE GRC
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Description / Synopsis

Campagne de sensibilisation au développement durable lancée à l’occasion de la semaine du développement durable dans les boulangeries s’approvisionnant en farines issues de blés s’inscrivant dans cette démarche


Please state briefly the political/social background that led to the adoption of the campaign, e.g. enactment of a new policy, striking results of a survey, etc.


Please state briefly the main objective(s) of the campaign and the key steps on the way there.


Please give information on the evaluation of the campaign, e.g. observed change in citizens' behaviour or results of a follow-up survey.

Title"Sustainable development in bakeries "
Original Title"Le développement durable entre en boulangerie "
AgencyStudio Record
AdvertiserGIE GRC
Product NamePain et autres produits de boulangeries
Sustainability Themes Agriculture & Fisheries, Food
Date of First Publication 04/01/2007
Country of ProductionFrance
Account Director: Romain  Gosset
Account Executive: Studio Record
Creative Team: Studio Record