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"The Power of Wind " For Epuron
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Description / Synopsis

Epuron is leading the way to make the most efficient use of energy through the power of wind


In response to the growing energy crisis, the international community has set up measures to help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and the dependence of fossil fuels. The European Union is committed to reducing carbon emissions up to 20 percent by 2020. With feed-in tariff structures and local subsidies in many countries, EPURON has helped investors interested in developing large-scale renewable energy plants throughout Europe and other continents. All together, EPURON has produced 900 GWh of electricity which has lowered CO2 emissions by 675.000 tonnes.


Wind power has been one of the fastest growing natural energy sources in recent decades- partly due to its successful history throughout the world. In many European countries, subsidies have been set to foster the production of wind power. EPURON is informing investors that wind and other renewable energy projects are attractive investment options. EPURON is equipped and experienced to facilitate everything from a single source- from site inspection and development to equity and debt capital structuring, on through to technical and commercial management.


As of now, the video has been aired on Business TV channels. After winning the Golden Lion award at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes we received a lot of supportive feedback from dozens of websites and blogs. We see a rapidly growing consciousness for renewable energy which makes for perfect timing to release our spot.

Title"The Power of Wind "
Original Title"The Power of Wind "
Brand NameEpuron
Product NameInvestments in Wind farms
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Energy, Ethical Business & CSR, Finance
Date of First Publication 15/06/2007
Country of ProductionGermany
Length122 seconds
Awards -Gold Lion, 2007 for Film
Account Executive: Mathias  Mueller-using
Art Director: Bjoern  Ruehmann ,  Joakim  Reveman ,  Matthew  Branning
Creative Director: Lars  Ruehmann