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"Changing Climate, Changing Opportunities" For United Nations Environment Programme
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Description / Synopsis

UNEP has released a new short video, Changing Climate, Changing Opportunities which shows important reasons to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the opportunities provided by the CDM for developing countries. The video examines a real project (i.e.Graneros Plant Fuel Switching Project) as a CDM example and demonstrates how such projects are identified and approved in their host countries, how various actors play their roles, and how they can contribute to national sustainable development.


Although the video was originally created to support the awareness building effort by national CDM promotion offices or NGOs in host countries, it has proved to be effective as introductory material for training courses and CDM introduction meetings organized by international organizations, regional development banks and bilateral governments. The video has also been used for capacity development activities of private firms and NGOs and in university courses.

Title"Changing Climate, Changing Opportunities"
AdvertiserUnited Nations Environment Programme
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/02/2005
LanguageEnglish French Spanish