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"Stop hiding behind indifference" For "Save the Danube and the Delta" Association
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Description / Synopsis

The "2% Campaign" is a fundraising opportunity for the NGO's. It's purpose is to convince people to redirect 2% to a NGO from the annual income tax, imposed by the romanian law. "Save the Danube and the Delta"(SDD) Association started an awarness campaign in order to fundraise and to make people aware about pollution and need of environmental protection in the Natural Reservation of the Danube Delta.


Plastic bags and bottles become biodegradable in tens, hundreds or even thousands years. The plastic waste is a threat to biodiversity: a report issued by The Ocean Conservancy estimates that more than 1 million birds and over 100,000 mammals die ingesting these waste. According to the analysis of the Environmental Report issued in 2005 by Danube’s Delta Reserve Administration and to the fact-finding visits made in the Delta, one of the main threats against biodiversity is the “unresolved issue of PET plastic waste and wraps laying in the reservation”. "Save the Danube and the Delta" Association combats these disastrous effects through people's help from 2% Campaign.


We chose the "Jacket" full of wastes and dead fish for the visual effect of the campaign. People are responsable for the pollution in the Danube Delta, and we invited them to stop hiding their guilt behind indifference.


2% Campaign keeps on going untill the end of 2007

Title"Stop hiding behind indifference"
Original Title"2% Campaign"
AgencyFriends Advertising
Advertiser"Save the Danube and the Delta" Association
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/05/2007
Country of ProductionRomania
LanguageRomanian, English
Tagline"Stop hiding behind your indifference!"
Original TaglineNe mai ascundem mult in spatele indiferentei?"
Art Director: Agi 
Copywriter: Razvan soare 
Creative Director: Sorin  Tranca
Illustrator: Fesus  Barna