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"Earth Hour" For WWF
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Description / Synopsis

We needed a campaign that would show consumers how easy it was to make changes to their lifestyle that would help the environment and empower them to actually make these changes every day. We created Earth Hour, a campaign that started with a symbolic event where a whole city switched off its lights for an hour.


WWF-Australia and Leo Burnett have been working together for 3 years to encourage greater consumer participation and recognition of climate change. Global warming became a huge media agenda item in 2006 and consequently public awareness about the issue grew. While concern about the issue increased, most people still believe that the problem is an insurmountable one too big for them alone too solve . We needed a campaign that would educate consumers about the small changes they can make that would make a difference. Most of our competitors use scare tactics to encourage action, WWF wanted to use positive messaging to empower the public.


Our goal was to achieve a 5% reduction in energy consumption in the CBD by the end of 2007 and to gain broad consumer awareness of and participation in Earth Hour by giving them ownership of the cause at an individual and community level.


Energy consumption in the CBD was reduced by 10.2% (goal of 5%) the equivalent of taking 48,000 cars off the road. We achieved over 97% awareness amongst Sydney-siders and over 57% took part in some form. 2.2 million people switched off their lights and over 2000 corporates took part in the event. The event was so successful that in 2008 it will take place nationally and in several other cities around the world

Title"Earth Hour"
Original Title"Earth Hour"
AgencyLeo Burnett Sydney Red Agency
Brand NameWWF Australia
Product NameEarth Hour
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Climate Change & Atmosphere
Date of First Publication 03/03/2007
Country of ProductionAustralia
Tagline7:30pm, March 31st
Awards -Cannes Lion Titanium 2007
Account Director: Jodi Mcleod
Account Executive: Sam Mcgown
Creative Team: Michael  Spirkovski ,  Grant Mcaloon
Photographer: Tim