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"The Miniature Earth" For The Miniature Earth
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Description / Synopsis

The idea of reducing the world’s population to a community of only 100 people is very useful and important. It permits to understand easily the differences in the world. The text that originated this webmovie was published on May 29, 1990 with the title “State of the Village Report”, and it was written by Donella Meadows, who passed away in February 2000. Nowadays the Sustainability Institute, through Donella’s Foundation, carries on her ideas and projects. The text used for the Miniature Earth website has been modified. The statistics have been updated and are based on specialized publications or reports on World’s population provided by the UN, PRB and others


The project was created by Allysson Lucca who just wanted to create something useful with her graphic design skills. Actually, after some years, The Miniature Earth sponsors a NGO in Brazil.


We already donated 2,000.00 USD for two different NGO's. Currently we are working with local people in Brazil to produce t-shirts and sell them in the global market.

Title"The Miniature Earth"
AdvertiserThe Miniature Earth
Product NameThe Miniature Earth
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Poverty, Human, Labour & Social Rights, Consumption Patterns
Date of First Publication 01/07/2001
Country of ProductionItaly
LanguageSpanish, English, French, Portuguese
TypeWeb Film
Awards -Yahoo Pics, 2005
-Hot Site USA TODAY, 2004
-Web design Annual Japan, 2003
Creative Team: Allysson  Lucca