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"Paper Water Light Fart" For EcOutlet
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Description / Synopsis

Each viral has a central theme highlighting one action which can make a difference to individuals environmental footprint: switching to energy saving lightbulbs, using less paper in the office, avoiding bottled water. The concept was to deliver the message in an informative and interactive manner whilst maintaining a sense of style and humour.


The background was to help raise awareness of ECOutlet and the principles we stand for. We decided to make the videos issue rather than product based as a way of communicating to viewers that there are some very simple steps you can incorporate into your daily life which can make a big contribution towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle.


Our brief was to deliver a short, sharp message to users which conveys the idea of sustainability in a fun, non-preachy manner. We wanted to be able to grab people’s attention, to make them smile and to give them something to think about.


So far we have recorded over 30,000 unique views of the videos and delivered them to an audience which may not have previosuly considered such issues. We were also awarded a Green Award in Oct 07 for Best New Media Campaign.

Title"Paper Water Light Fart"
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Waste & Recycling, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/04/2007
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TypeWeb Film