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"Clear-cut" For Earth Day Canada
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Too many people believe that environmental issues are someone else’s responsibility to address. This campaign encourages people to see they can in fact be very close to home and directly affect them.


Our philosophy is to emphasize the message that environmental issues are not something removed from us but can instead be found in our daily choices and lives. In essence, the campaign communicates that environmental issues (large and small) are close to home.

AdvertiserEarth Day Canada
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains
Date of First Publication 02/07/1905
Country of ProductionCanada
TaglineWhat will it take to make you care about the environment?
Account Director: Katie Musgrave
Agency Producer: Rose-ella Morrison
Associate Creative Director: Paul  Wallace ,  Matt Antonello ,  Paul Riss
Copywriter: Domenique Raso
Creative Director: Denise Rossetto ,  Todd Mackie
Photographer: Paul Lang