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"Volkswagen: The Darkside" For Greenpeace
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Description / Synopsis

Using a lighthearted manner to convey a serious message, Greenpeace’s global campaign on Volkswagen (VW) has taken a concept that VW was using for its own publicity, Star Wars, and spoofed it to portray VW as ‘the Darkside’.


Of all the car companies obstructing climate laws, VW is the most powerful and the most openly opposed to these laws. This stands in total contradiction to the brand image they are cultivating, that of being ‘the most eco-conscious car company in the world’. If we can convince VW to match its rhetoric on the environment with action on climate measures, EU governments will be given the incentive to go further on both carbon reduction targets, and on fuel-efficiency laws.


The video was released in 15 countries across the world and asked supporters to 'join the rebellion’ and ‘turn VW away from the Darkside’. We now have 380,000 supporters signed up to the campaign, who receive regular campaign updates and are asked to carry out actions such as emailing the company, posting on the company’s Facebook page and calling them – to push them to answer the allegations we have placed against them. VW has not yet replied to any of our meeting proposals. It is clear from direct contact with the company, however, that their management team is very much irritated by the campaign and the impact it is having on their image. We are therefore expecting them to agree to schedule a meeting with us shortly.

Title"Volkswagen: The Darkside"
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Energy
Date of First Publication 28/06/2011
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TypeWeb Film
TaglineTurn Volkswagen away from the Darkside.
Length66 seconds
Soundtrack/SongTheme from Star Wars