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"A Love Story In Milk" For Friends of the Earth
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Description / Synopsis

A pro-recycling film aimed at making people want to recycle.


Friends of the Earth ran a campaign to influence the UK Government’s bill on waste and recycling.


The battle of whether recycling is a desirable idea has been won in the minds of the public and yet there is a disconnect between knowing something is a good and acting upon that belief. We aimed to make people care about recycling for a reason beyond simply the environmental consequences.


Over 1 million views so far and a truly viral campaign. The film has been sued in many different contexts and to numerous audiences all with the same goal of changing people’s emotional response to recycling.

Title"A Love Story In Milk"
Original Title"A Love Story In Milk"
AdvertiserFriends of the Earth
Product NameFriends of the Earth
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 04/01/2011
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TypeTelevision & Cinema
TaglineThe greatest every love story told in milk.
Length120 seconds
Soundtrack/Song‘A Love Story In Milk’ Theme
Awards -Davey Awards, USA (Gold Award - Online Film) for Winner
-Young Directors Forum, 2011 (Winner)
-Maverick Movie Awards, 2011 (Nominated) for Best Cinematography
-Maverick Movie Awards, 2011 (Nominated) for Best picture
-IVCA Clarion Awards, 2011 (Winner) for Best Viral - Charity and Social Enterprise
-Maverick Movie Awards, 2011 (Winner) for Best Original Score
Account Director: Glen  Colegate
Creative Director: Sephen Follows ,  Danann Breathnach