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"Plane Stupid" For Plane Stupid
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Description / Synopsis

Inspired by the fact that an average European flight produces 400kg of carbon, which is the same weight as an average female polar bear, Mother London created a shocking advert on behalf of climate change campaigners, Plane Stupid. The brutal impact that global warming is having on the polar ice caps is shown in a thought-provoking way to make people consider the impact that flights, even short haul ones, can have on carbon emissions.


Plane Stupid began in 2005 in reaction to the growing threat of climate change, and an aviation policy from the government which completely ignored environmental restrictions.


Plane Stupid’s demands are to : •End short haul flights and airport expansion. •Stop aviation advertising. •See a just transition to sustainable jobs and transport. We believe that we can achieve these aims by working alongside communities, and taking direct action against the aviation industry to highlight the gaping discrepancy between environmental necessity and political action.


Plane Stupid is not a think tank or an NGO, but a network of groups. We have not invested time into measuring outcomes, however since we began : •Aviation has been thrown into debates about climate change. •The aviation white paper of 2003 has been discredited by all major political parties. •The proposed third runway at Heathrow has been called off. • Runways have been occupied at Aberdeen, Stansted and Southend, preventing thousands of tonnes of co2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Title"Plane Stupid"
AdvertiserPlane Stupid
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Tourism, Transport
Date of First Publication 07/02/1905
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TypeTransportation & Vehicles
TaglineYour flight has an impact
Original TaglineYour flight has an impact
Length56 seconds
Awards -Bronze Lion award, 2010 (Cannes)