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"Thirst flusher" For THIRST
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Description / Synopsis

To raise awareness and conserve water in a fun way.


It's known that women don't like the fact that others can hear them while they are in the W.C. So in order to disguise these sounds they flush and waste water. About 219,000,000 liters of water are wasted every year, just from needless flushing.


The Thirst flusher app! Thirst Flusher will cover for you without wasting water. Just choose from 8 different sounds. Instead of flushing the toilet, hit the button and see how much water you saved, and how much was saved worldwide.


By using this app, millions will be exposed and save water all around the world. Over 235,000 Lt saved already.

Title"Thirst flusher"
AgencyPublicis e-dologic
CityRamat Gan
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Freshwater
Date of First Publication 16/05/2012
Country of ProductionIsrael
TaglineCover your sounds, save our water!
Length85 seconds
Chief Creative Officer: Aviv  Stein
Copywriter: Ilay  Rotem ,  Idan  Kligerman ,  Dana Blum
Creative Director: Bechor Bar-tur
Designer: Alex Trublenkov
Others: Enon  Landenberg
Technical Director: Yacov Zoaretz