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"Treebike" For City of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
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Description / Synopsis

To promote a website filled with tips on living green (, we created an image of a tree riding a bike.


The City of Toronto created the website to encourage Torontonians to do whatever they can to protect and respect the environment and to promote sustainable lifestyles.


We took a whimsical, humorous approach to a serious story, rather than being preachy as so many environmental messages can be. We did not want to make it feel like City Hall was telling people what to do, so much as gently suggesting to them.


Behaviour change is a long term prospect.

AgencyAgency 59
AdvertiserCity of Toronto Works and Emergency Services
Brand NameLivegreen Toronto
Product NameLivegreen Toronto website
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Transport, Sustainable Development, Climate Change & Atmosphere
Date of First Publication 01/07/1905
Country of ProductionCanada
TaglineResources, rebates and tips at
Account Director: Heather  Cain
Chief Creative Officer: Brian  Howlett
Creative Director: Andrew  Gillingham
Photographer: Philip  Rostron