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"Reality Drop " For Climate Reality
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Description / Synopsis

Despite clear scientific consensus, people are increasingly confused about the reality of global climate change. Reality drop was designed to give users direct access the latest climate change news from hundreds of online resources, along with the science that directly pertains to that news, and the means to socialize it and spread climate change reality.


The science exists. The facts are clear. Our climate is changing, and man-made pollution is responsible. The longer we wait, the more damage we’ll cause. We see climate change as both an immediate and a long-term threat and we want to educate people on the issue so we can start taking action before it’s too late.


Our objective is to use science to refute claims by climate change deniers that climate change isn’t real. We want people to use the knowledge we provide to unite and protect our planet. While we can’t reverse the damage that’s been done, together we can make changes that benefit the environment. It starts with acknowledging that there is a problem, and that we can fix it.


Since launch, we’ve surfaced over 29,000 climate articles and our reality droppers have engaged in over 50,000 debates, reaching over 180,000 people.

Title"Reality Drop "
Original Title"Reality Drop "
AgencyArnold Worldwide (Boston)
AdvertiserClimate Reality
Brand NameClimate Reality
Product NameClimate Change and Global Warming
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness, Energy, Waste & Recycling, Seas & Oceans, Ethical Business & CSR, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains
Date of First Publication 03/01/2013
Country of ProductionUnited States of America
TypeWeb Site
TaglineSpread Truth. Destroy Denial.
Original TaglineSpread Truth. Destroy Denial.
Awards -Effie Award, 2014
-Web Award for Best Environmental Website
-OMMA Award
-International Golden Award of Montreux Gold
-Webby Award Honoree for “Global Social Responsibility” and “Green”
-One Show merit
-Bronze International ANDY Award, 2013
Account Director: Brendon  Volpe
Account Executive: Brendon  Volpe
Creative Team: Pete  Favat ,  Mike  howard ,  Meg  Siegal ,  Alex  Bogusky ,  Samantha  Jo gutglass