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"Recycle Right" For Recycle Across America and Recycle Across the World
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Description / Synopsis

The Recycle Right campaign utilizes original video content to illustrate the environmental and economic benefits of using standardized labels for recycling bins. Campaign materials educate both businesses and individuals about the fiscal and environmental benefits of recycling right and the standardized labels on recycling bins are the simple tool that help the public to recycle more and recycle ‘right’.


The EPA estimates that 75% of solid waste is recyclable, but only about 34% is actually recycled. If the US reaches recycling levels of 75%, it will generate 1.5 million new jobs and will be the environmental equivalent of removing 50 million cars from US roads each year. Standardized labels can increase recycling levels 50-100% in recycling bins that previously weren’t displaying the standardized labels.


The Recycle Right campaign seeks to create a systematic tipping point for recycling by doubling the amount of standardized recycling labels in circulation and educating consumers on the power of recycling right. The campaign primarily targets Fortune 500 companies, as these companies have a large footprint and stand to benefit from higher recycling levels, which will provide them with more and better quality recycled materials from which to manufacture. To this end, we presented the video “The Recycler” at the EU Sustainability Conference in Brussels on June 3, 2014 and hosted a “Brands for Economic and Environmental Progress Meeting” on June 19, 2014 to present the labelling solution to Fortune 500 companies and environmental organizations such as Bank of America, Rubbermaid, TOMS, Samsung, NBC Universal and Disney.


The quantity of the standardized labels ordered through Recycle Across America in the past 3 months are approximately 35% more than the same time period the previous year. Also because of the campaign very large global Fortune 500 brands are in discussions with Recycle Across America to begin using the labels and supporting the cause.

Title"Recycle Right"
AgencyPivot TV
CityLos Angeles, California
AdvertiserRecycle Across America and Recycle Across the World
Brand NameRecycle Across America and Recycle Across the World
Product NameStandardized labels for recycling bins
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 06/11/2014
Country of ProductionUnited States of America
TypeWeb Film
TaglineLet’s recycle right!
Length154 seconds
Creative Team: Participant media / pivot tv