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"Inglorious fruits and vegetables " For Intermarché
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Description / Synopsis

Intermarché launched “the inglorious fruits and vegetables.” This campaign aims to rehabilitate the imperfect fruits and vegetables by celebrating the beauty of the ridiculous potato, the hideous orange or the failed lemon...


As the European Union made 2014 the European year against food waste, Intermarché, the 3rd largest supermarkets chain in France decided to rehabilitate the non calibrated and imperfect fruits and vegetables. Why? Because by doing so, everybody wins: consumers get the same quality products for cheaper, the growers get money for products that are usually thrown away and Intermarché increases its business by selling a brand new line of products. Only one problem remains: how can we ensure customers actually buy these really ugly new products?


For the very first time, a supermarket decided to change the way the system works. Intermarché bought from its growers the products they usually throw away, and sold them in stores just like any others, but 30% cheaper to make it attractive to its consumers.


First of all, the campaign was a huge success amongst consumers. During the local test in March, the point of sale traffic increased by 24%. (Intermarché internal sources, endorsed by Intermarché marketing Director Patricia Chatelain). Consumers’ feedbacks were really positive during the operation; they were willing to buy our fruits and vegetables as we sold 1.2 tons on average per store during the first two days (March). (Intermarché internal sources, endorsed by Intermarché marketing Director Patricia Chatelain). The test was so positive we were able to launch the campaign in our 1800 point of sales in October 2014. It was also a success as we managed to sell 1.5 tons of ugly fruits and vegetables on average per store during the national launch in October. (Intermarché internal sources, endorsed by Intermarché marketing Director Patricia Chatelain). It was also very important for Intermarché to show retailers were able to change things and innovate for a more sustainable life. PR fallouts and the impact on the Intermarché brand image were really important to carry out this goal and once again the results were beyond our expectations: - On Facebook 2M people were touched by the campaign, we had 32K interactions and 122K views on the films (Facebook Player). There were 7000 mentions on Twitter worldwide. - The case study of the campaign has 4M views in You Tube. - 740 articles about the campaign (359 France /381 International) - The campaign « Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables » won 47 awards worldwide (Cannes Lions, LIA, Eurobest, Epica, Clio Awards, etc). - On September 2014, Intermarché became the favorite food retailer in France (Source: Barometer Posternak sept-2014). - In October 2014, Intermarché was elected “champion of advertising innovation” in France (Source: Advertising Innovation Observatory 2014, runned by Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, Influencia and Opinion Way). - In February 2014, the “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” campaign was elected as the French favourite campaign of the year. (Sourc : Ipsos Public Awards). Last but not least, this campaign was a real lever to change the whole category. Following our path 3 big French retailers launched their own ugly fruits and vegetables aisle: Auchan, Monoprix and Leclerc under the name “les Gueules Cassées.” International similar initiatives also emerged, following our campaign : RedHats Co-Operative in the USA, Asda in the UK, Harris Farmer in Australia, Albert Hein in Holland. Finally, as the ultimate recognition, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations invited Intermarché to talk about this initiative.

Title"Inglorious fruits and vegetables "
Original Title"Les Fruits et Légumes Moches "
Brand NameIntermarché
Product NameInglorious Fruits & Vegetables
Sustainability Themes Agriculture & Fisheries, Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Ethical Business & CSR, Fair Trade, Food, Production Patterns, Sustainable Development, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 20/03/2014
Country of ProductionFrance
LanguageFrench / English
TaglineA glorious fight against food waste
Original TaglineUne belle idée contre le gaspillage
Length30 seconds
Soundtrack/SongBruce Zimmerman – Jour du Jugement; Sox – Birth; Johann Strauss II – The Blue Danube Waltz Op 134
Awards -CLUB DES DIRECTEURS ARTISTIQUES (FRENCH ART DIRECTORS CLUB) (PRIX – Integrated; PRIX - Direct / Ambient media & Print)
-CRISTAL (GRAND PRIX INTEGRATED; GRAND PRIX CONSUMER MARKETING; ADVERTISERS GRAND CRISTAL ; CREATIVE CRISTAL ACADEMY GRAND CRISTAL; GOLD (CRISTAL) – Integrated; GOLD (CRISTAL) – Consumer Marketing / Best use of direct marketing; GOLD (CRISTAL) – Consumer Marketing / Best use of promo & activation; SILVER (SAPPHIRE) - Press / Product & Service - Environment & Sustainable Development; BRONZE (EMERALD) - Film / Retail store)
-EPICA (GOLD - Press - Retail services; GOLD - PR & Promotions - Experiential & Shopper marketing; SILVER - PR & Promotions - Public relations)
-EUROBEST (GRAND PRIX - Print / Product & Service - Retail stores, restaurants & fast food outlets; GRAND PRIX - Promo & Activation / Use of P&A - Use of merchandising & in-store marketing; GOLD – Integrated; SILVER - Promo & Activation / Use of P&A - Product launch, relaunch & shopper marketing; SILVER - Promo & Activation / Product & Service - Travel, Leisure & Retail; BRONZE - Direct / Strategy - Acquisition & Retention)
-LONDON INTERNATIONAL AWARDS (GRAND LIA – Non Traditional / Product & Service / Retail; GOLD – Non Traditional / Product & Service / Retail ; GOLD – Non Traditional / Innovation categories / Experiential )
-CLIO AWARDS (GOLD – Integrated; GOLD – Public Relations / Product Launch; SILVER – Engagement / Ambient ; SILVER – Direct – OOH)
-CANNES LIONS for GOLD – DIRECT / Strategy / Product Launch; GOLD – DIRECT / Product & Service / Retail, e-commerce & restaurant; GOLD – PROMO&ACTIVATION / Use of P&A / Use of customer in-store experience; SILVER – DIRECT / Use of DM / Ambient media: large scale; BRONZE – PRESS / Product & Service / Retail Stores; BRONZE – PROMO&ACTIVATION / Use of P&A / New product launch / re-launch
Account Manager: Lou  De keyzer
Account Supervisor: Blandine  Mercier
Advertising Manager: Noëlla  Neffati
Art Buyer: Soone  Riboud
Art Director: Youri  Guerassimov ,  Gaëtan  Du peloux ,  Anaïs  Boileau
Chief Creative Officer: Erik Vervroegen ,  Anne  De maupeou
Copywriter: Gaëtan  Du peloux ,  Julien  Benmoussa ,  Youri  Guerassimov ,  Sergio  Alonso
Creative Director: Julien  Benmoussa
Director: Pascal  Nessim
Executive Creative Director: Dimitri  Guerassimov
Photographer: Patrice  De villiers
Print Production Manager: Jean-luc  Chirio
Producer: Justine  Beaussart
Production Company Producer: Prodigious 
Retoucher: L’asile paris 
Strategic Planner: Guillaume  Le gorrec ,  Leoda  Esteve