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"You Buy, the sea Pays- Seagull" For Surfrider Foundation
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Description / Synopsis

For the 20th anniversary of Ocean Initiatives, Surfrider wants to change the way we consume, and reminds us that our consumer habits kill the marine animals.


Every second, it is 206 kg of plastic waste that end up in the sea. Behind this alarming statistic, the reality is very simple : it is our responsability. A piece of trash in the sea, is above all a piece of trash we bought, hence the urgency to raise public awareness on the matter. On this environmental sector where Greenpeace grabs all people’s attention (largest audience and media coverage), as they are more activist and dispose of more resources to communicate, it is difficult to be heard loud enough.


Press and outdoor campaign with the idea to shock in order to remind everyone that our consumer habits kill the marine animals. 3 arresting visuals used in Outdoor and in the press. We can see different type of Ocean animals on the verge to be executed at “gun” point. The “gun” here is represented by a register scanner. The idea behind those images is to highlight the powerful impact of consumtion patterns on marine life.


50 publications of the campaign in the press and on the web. Around 1,000 press coverage with at least one visual in 2015. Specific declinaisons of the campaign as Internet banners and site covering

Title"You Buy, the sea Pays- Seagull"
Original Title"You Buy, the sea Pays"
AgencyYoung & Rubicam
AdvertiserSurfrider Foundation
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity, Consumption Patterns, Production Patterns, Seas & Oceans, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 02/02/2015
Country of ProductionFrance
TaglineYou buy, the sea pays
Original TaglineYou buy, the sea pays
Account Director: Gautier  Poullet ,  Brigitte  Trézéguet
Account Executive: Aure  Tessandier
Creative Team: Guillaume  Auboyneau ,  Eric  Lavenac ,  Pierrette  Diaz ,  Ugo  Fossa
Photographer: Pierre  Sattin