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"Milch Cow-Man" For E.Leclerc
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Description / Synopsis

Leclerc refuses to accept the vision of retailing where financial markets control consumers' buying power.


The campaign denounces some of the stereo-types of supermarkets with cynicism and common sense.


Re-emphasise for the consumer that E.Leclerc is different and original in the retail world.

Title"Milch Cow-Man"
Original Title"L'Homme Vache à Lait"
AgencyLowe Paris
Brand NameE. Leclerc
Product NameSupermarkets
Original Product NameSupermarchés
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Ethical Business & CSR
Date of First Publication 05/03/2000
Country of ProductionFrance
TaglineE. Leclerc . A movement with you for 50 years.
Original TaglineE. Leclrec. Un mouvement auprès de vous depuis 50 ans.
Art Director: Caroline Nammour
Copywriter: Olivier Henry
Creative Director: Jacques Vauchelle