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"Luca" For Coop
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Description / Synopsis

In a pitiable rundown shack, a man who seems in questionable cuts a slice od bread while coughing, then opens a bottle of beer.
Speaker: "Luca works in a mine 12 hours a day. When he comes home, he's so tired he doesn't have the strength to speak, to play, or to do anything at all."
A dog approaches the man wagging its tail to greet him; the man kicks it roughly away. He enters the next room.
The speaker continues:"For Luca, work has become a problem rather than a solution. The only thing Luca wants to do when the day comes to an end is sleep."
The man walks up to a bed and takes some money out of a tin box.
Now we see that a dark skinned little boy is sleeping in the bed. The speaker concludes: "Goodnight Luca".

AgencyLowe Pirella S.P.A
Brand NameCoop
Product NameSupermarket
Sustainability Themes Ethical Business & CSR, Education & Awareness, Human, Labour & Social Rights
Date of First Publication N/A
Country of ProductionItaly
Length30 seconds
Art Director: Umberto Mauri
Copywriter: Dario Alesani
Creative Director: Aldo Cernuto ,  Roberto Pizzigoni
Director: Agostino Panini