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"The Painting / Art" For Amnesty International
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Description / Synopsis

The campaign takes its place in Amnesty International's action towards the general public, so as to inform and to encourage the french opinion to act on its side against the Human Rights violations, torture and abuse's acts.


The film conceived by Bates is based on the symbolic representation of torture effects on the victims, via the aid of contemporary art and pictural technic of painting action. A creative, original and ambitious idea, served by a specialized film direction to give strength and shock power.

Title"The Painting / Art"
Original Title"La Toile (English)"
AgencyLes Ouvriers d'à côté
AdvertiserAmnesty International
Brand NameAmnesty International
Product NameCampaign Against Torture
Original Product NameCampagne contre la torture
Sustainability Themes Human, Labour & Social Rights
Date of First Publication 02/12/2000
Country of ProductionFrance
TaglineTorture is an official art form in 150 countries
Length50 seconds
Art Director: Aude Commissaire
Copywriter: Franck Rey
Creative Director: Franck Rey
Director: Shaun Severi
Music: Neil Young
Producer: Christophe Starckman