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"Village" For Aides
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Description / Synopsis

Children playing in the savannah suddenly see something coming. They run into the village to warn everyone. The whole village gets frightened and retreats. Then we discover that the one interrupting the peacefulness of their village is an old and wrinkled African man, with white hair and a walking stick.

Original Description / Synopsis

Des enfants jouant dans la savane voient soudainement quelque chose arriver. Ils courent dans le village pour avertir les gens. Le village entier semble effrayé et se réfugie chez soi. Puis nous découvrons que ce qui a interrompu la tranquillité de ce village est un vieil Africain, avec des cheveux blancs et une cane.

Brand NameAides
Product NameAids Awareness
Sustainability Themes Health & Sanitation
Date of First Publication N/A
Country of ProductionFrance
TypeTelevision & Cinema
TaglineLet's not abandon Africa to Aids
Length60 seconds
Awards -Shark Awards Advertising Festival, 2004 (Silver) for Public Service & Social Welfare
-Cannes Lions - International Advertising Festival, 2004 (Silver Lion) for Public Health & Safety
-The New York Festivals - TV Cinema & Radio Advertising Awards, 2005 (Gold World Medal) for Public Service Announcements: Health & Hygiene
-The New York Festivals - TV Cinema & Radio Advertising Awards, 2005 (Bronze World Medal) for Craft & Technique: Best Cinematography
-The WIN Awards, 2004 (Persephone Award 3rd) for PSA
Agency Producer: Françoise Korb ,  Aurore Maincent
Art Director: Marianne Fonferrier
Copywriter: Ghislaine  De germon
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Director: Miles Goodall