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"Dolphin" For Total
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Description / Synopsis

Littering kills animals. The plastic bags, wrappers etc cause choking and digestive problems that often result in death. In these posters we illustrate this by showing how to perform First Aid on wild animals.


TOTAL has a number of gas/filling stations in and around marine and nature reserves. In order to keep the franchise, the environmental impact of these service stations has to be limited. Thus keeping litter to a minimum was a necessity.


The reason people litter is because they don't really think about the very real effect their litter has on the environment. Thus we showed them EXACTLY the effect their litter has on the environment. We showed them that it can cause death and serious injury to animals.

AgencyNet#work BBDO
CityHyde Park
Brand NameTotal
Product NameCorporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability Themes Ethical Business & CSR, Energy, Biodiversity
Date of First Publication 02/09/2004
Country of ProductionSouth Africa
TaglineOr don't litter
Art Director: Philip Ireland
Copywriter: John Davenport
Creative Director: Mike Schalit