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"Moses" For World Water Day
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Description / Synopsis

Based on a classic story from the Bible, the commercial draws attention on the problem of water scarcity and drought, in a dramatic, yet humorous way. The filming technique could be described as a parody of old Holywood films.


In Western and civilised countries, water is taken for granted and is treated as if its resources are limiteless.


To awake viewers and remind them that there's nothing they should take for granted. Metaphorically speaking, even the Bible's heritage/stories could be seen in a much different way than we are used to.


A metaphoric, atmospheric and highly effective commercial that has managed to raise interest and awareness on World Water Day, on its first day of broadcasting in Greece.

AgencyDot S.A.
AdvertiserWorld Water Day
Brand NameWorld Water Day 2005
Sustainability Themes Freshwater, Consumption Patterns
Date of First Publication 21/03/2005
Country of ProductionGreece
TaglineMarch 22, World Water Day
Length25 seconds
Art Director: Nikos Tsitsos
Copywriter: Thanasis Lagos
Creative Director: Panayiotis Fotos
Director: Yiannis Vesmeles
Executive Creative Director: Babis Georgakopoulos