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"Cameroon" For Rabobank
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Description / Synopsis

Rabobank helps establish countless (financial) co-operatives around the world. It not only provides financial assistance, but more importantly it provides the required knowledge and manpower. The bank - that was established more than a century ago by farmers who were unable to obtain credit - has spread it's success as a co-operative to countries including Cameroon.


Rabobank holds a leading worldwide position in the field of Socially Responsible Enterprise. In contrast to publicly listed banks, Rabobank's primary focus is not on profits, but above all on people. The challange is to show and clarify that this distinction is what makes Rabobank an involved and attractive bank.


Leverage Rabobank's roots as the basis for communications. At Rabobank, SRE is not a cosmic trick to present a social image. SRE is at the heart of the co-operative philosophy. Demonstrate that in today's world the 'old fashioned' formula of the co-operative is still extremely modern and applied successfully around the world today.

AgencyUbachs Wisbrun
Brand NameRabobank
Product NameBanking
Original Product NameBanking
Sustainability Themes Ethical Business & CSR, Finance
Date of First Publication 07/09/2004
Country of ProductionNetherlands
TaglineIt's time for a bank who does it differently
Original TaglineHet is tijd voor een bank die 't anders doet
Length60 seconds
Account Director: Arco Bregman
Advertising Manager: Esmarije Voorboom ,  Tom Peijster
Agency Producer: Brigitte Van gennip
Art Director: Wim Ubachs
Copywriter: Wim Ubachs
Director: André Van duren
Editor: Martin Gould
Production Company Producer: Ellen Langeveld-pype