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"Dirty Car" For Federal Public Service of Environment
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Description / Synopsis

The visual shows a car urinating on a dog.


The Belgian Federal Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment tries to make the public aware of the CO2-pollution and to have this taken into account when purchasing a new car. This ad also wants to increase awareness on the guide listing al car brands accordiing to their CO2 emission.


'Dirty Car' makes the invisible and polluting CO2 visible by comparing it to the other dirt found in public space: dog's waste.


After apparition, the amount of requests for the CO2 guide skyrocketed and over a million hits on the affiliated website were scored. The ad has won the silver and gold PAMPA-Award 2005 (PAMPA: Public Authorities Magazine Print Award) .

Title"Dirty Car"
Original Title"Sale voiture (FR)- Vuile Auto (Dutch)"
AdvertiserFederal Public Service of Environment
Brand NameCO2 Guide
Product NameGuide to CO2 emission of new cars
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Climate Change & Atmosphere
Date of First Publication 20/11/2004
Country of ProductionBelgium
TaglineIs your car clean?
Awards -Public Authorities Magazine Print Award, 2005 (Gold (FR), Silver (Dutch))
Account Director: Geert Potargent
Advertising Manager: Béatrice Best
Art Director: Sabine Malherbe
Copywriter: François Daubresse
Creative Director: François Daubresse
Others: Yelle @ the living room
Photographer: Grégor Collienne