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"Deep Blue" For Metro Newspaper
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Description / Synopsis

Shopping trolleys thrown in the shallow waters of a bay or a lake. An agressive urge to consumers not to buy anything and thus commemorate the World Day Against HyperConsumerism.


Celebrate (commemorate) the Day Against HyperConsumerism.


An illustrated manifesto urging everybody on that day to throw away their shopping cards and thus be rid of their consumer mania for a day.

Title"Deep Blue"
AgencyMcCann Erickson
AdvertiserMetro Newspaper
Brand NameMetro Newspaper
Product NameNOV. 27 - BUY NOTHING DAY
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Ethical Business & CSR
Date of First Publication 27/11/2004
Country of ProductionGreece
TaglineBuy Nothing Day
Account Director: Yannis Goulios
Art Director: Popi Dimakou
Creative Director: Anna Stilianaki