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"Little Red Riding Hood Serial Thrower" For State of Geneva
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Description / Synopsis

Global media and events campaign. Ad describes the misfortune of a modern and irresponsible Cinderella, throwing not only her shoe away but also any kind of waste in the city. She will be punished at midnight, receiving all the waste on her head, and finally her own gigantic shoe.


Geneva has, like a lot of cities, to face the problem of littering in public spaces. The target was a relatively young public, between 15 and 25-30 years old. The problem had to be faced through a global campaign


To target the audience, BeMore Communications decided to modify a well known old fairy tale, Cinderella. This modern Cinderella, as well as other famous protagonists of other tales, are behaving badly and throw waste everywhere. Even fairy tales heroes are not what they were anymore and Geneva is not the fairy tale City it could be and becomes more and more dirty. By using them so paradoxically (since they should be heroes), the message is that the general behavior is not respectful towards our common public spaces. Using the fairy tales allowed us to use a universal language also understandable by the 30% of international people living in the city. The paradoxical treatment of showing the heroes misbehaving adds a funny Monthy Pythonesque situation much appreciated by the target audience. Since it was a global campaign, BeMore proposed: giant format street ads, press ads, postcards, media coverage, cinema ad, radio ads, a theatre play of 20 minutes targeted for children, real actors performing street theatre discussing with citizens to make them aware of the problem, dance parade special giant techno truck, public events, a week end rally, a web site, etc.


Erasm survey Institute: face to face interviews and phone survey. General impression: fun, surprising, original. Stimulates a behavioral change Results: 78% recognition; depending on media, between 40% and 76% of visibility Globally, a success (report is available)

Title"Little Red Riding Hood Serial Thrower"
Original Title"Petit Chaperon Rouge Serial Jeteuse"
AgencyBeMore Communications
City1205 Geneva
AdvertiserState of Geneva
Brand NameEnvironnement Info Department
Sustainability Themes Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 01/06/2004
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
TypeOther Collateral
TaglineStop The Serial Thrower
Original TaglineHalte aux Serial Jeteurs
Account Director: Francois Vassard
Actor / Celebrity: Alexia Visconti
Agency Producer: Alessandro Lampis
Art Director: Valerie De caboga
Director: Stefan Susini
Director of Photography: Pascal Montjovent
Graphic Designer: Olivier Schneider
Music: Matthieu Gobet
Sound Designer: Juerg Lempen