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"Things that disappear" For Transparency International Italia
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Description / Synopsis

This TV commercial shows images that represent various sectors of our daily life: public roads, transport, buildings, parks and health. “Architectural” line drawings superimposed over the images continue disappearing…symbolising unrealised projects. Projects that disappear into nothingness.


Most people believe that corruption is something that takes place between two people behind closed doors. Something that doesn’t affect them. Something far away from them (eg. Enron scandal).


The role of this ad was to inform people of all ages that corruption of any sort affects us all in some way. Victims do exist and they are us. The solution was to approach a complex message in a very simple and user-friendly way using drawings and intimate “music” (a girl singing without any accompaniment). The final frame shows us explicitly that corruption not only takes something away from all of us…but that “something” could also be our life.

Title"Things that disappear"
AdvertiserTransparency International Italia
Brand NameTransparency International Italia
Product NameAnti-corruption campaign
Sustainability Themes Human, Labour & Social Rights
Date of First Publication 05/12/2004
Country of ProductionItaly
Length30 seconds
Account Executive: Roberta Bortolli
Animation Effects: Franco Tassi
Art Director: Paolo Re ,  Remo Bonaguro
Copywriter: Laura Colombo
Creative Director: Roxanna Bianco
Director: Federico Brugia
Director of Photography: Mark Patten
Editor: Antonio Civilini
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis
Producer: Anna Sica