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"Pearl" For Lever Fabergé
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Description / Synopsis

Dove re-launched its ´Firming´ range in 2004 using advertising that broke the category norm to increase its volume share by 80%. Other brands promoted a definition of beauty that is about flawless, unattainable physical perfection but Dove’s new campaign delivered the idea that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and used real women instead of models. It generated unprecedented amounts of PR coverage across Europe and sparked a debate on how beauty is portrayed in the media.


• To increase value share of Dove Firming in its 6 key markets from 7.4% to 12.0% in 2004.
• To produce more enjoyable, engaging and thus more memorable advertising than previous campaigns.
• To begin changing brand perception of Dove to a more energetic brand with a strong point of view on beauty.

Women in their 30s who are conscious of wanting a firmer, more toned body and who had not yet tried firming products.

March 2004 to July 2004


The primary message was to treat the less toned areas of the body (hips, bums and thighs) and at the same time give the brand a much needed boost of energy, personality and modernity.
The core idea came from the knowledge that women disliked the usual promise of using the product that would make them look like pin-thin, superbly toned young women by using the product. They found this promise farcical on a literal, physical level and found it patronising on a psychological level. “Why”, they moaned, “are we always being told that thin is the only way to be?”
Dove challenged the current definitions of beauty by championing the idea that a more voluptuous figure can also be beautiful. The idea was promoted that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms as an alternative to the narrow definition promoted by others. It was also decided to use ordinary women in our advertising rather than models, as the living embodiment of Dove’s principles.

Public Relations was an essential part of the campaign and Dove provoked a debate which sparked interest from the press. This was supported by a strong presence in outdoor and posters.

Broadcast, Print, Public Relations,Out-of-Home.

€ 10 to € 20 million.

The media mix was somewhat unusual for both the category and Dove. TV was used but at least a third of the budget was spent on press and posters. Posters would let Dove take its convention-busting message out onto the street to be loud and proud.
This decision was also driven, in part, by the desire to use PR as an integral part of the mix. Journalists were briefed and the posters made perfect pictures to accompany the numerous press articles.
The budget used by Dove for this relaunch was of a normal size for this type of activity and only slightly higher (>20%) than the category leaders budget


The brand exceeded its first objective by growing its value share by 13.5% across its six biggest European markets. Each individual country also saw growth and thus contributed to the brand’s success in this period.
Results from quantitative and qualitative research showed that the Dove Real Curves campaign was more enjoyable, engaging and memorable than previous Dove advertising.
Perceptions of the brand shifted, from wet, drippy and old fashioned to a more energetic brand with a strong point of view on beauty. The ads played their role in affecting perceptions both directly and indirectly through generating unprecedented levels of PR for a skincare brand.
Each individual country contributed towards the brand’s success and enjoyed an increase in share in both volume.
TV activity was seen to be enjoyable

AgencyOgilvy & Mather
AdvertiserLever Fabergé
Brand NameDove
Product NameDove Firming Range
Sustainability Themes Ethical Business & CSR
Date of First Publication 01/01/2004
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TypeTelevision & Cinema
TaglineAs tested on real curves
Length30 seconds
Awards -AME Awards (Advertising Marketing Effectiveness ) - New York Festivals, 2006 (Bronze Medallion) for Cosmetics and Toiletries
-EURO EFFIES, 2005 (Gold) for Yahoo! Big Idea Award
-EURO EFFIES, 2005 (Grand Prix) for Grand Prix
-EURO EFFIES, 2005 (Gold) for Toiletries & Beauty
Account Director: Johan Von gersdorff
Account Manager: Llona Elspaß
Account Planner: Olivia Johnson
Advertising Manager: Klaus Arntz
Art Director: Britta Adaschkiewitz
Copywriter: Katja Galow
Creative Director: Joerg Herzog ,  Dennis Lewis
Director: Lucy Blakstad