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"Freedom" For Direction de la santé publique de Montréal
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Description / Synopsis

A series of six (6) posters showing the different effects injectable drugs may have. Use real youth street people people to illustrate the point and no beating around the bush.


Mandate: Help convince street youth (12-20 yrs.) not to try injectable drugs. Challenge: Develop a guerilla-type poster campaign to be only shown where they gather, and avoid any governmental et moralistic undertones. Say it like it is, period.


Media: this poster campaign was only seen by the targeted ytouth, in select areas (parks, back alleys, garbage bin dumps, etc) where they hang out. Creative: Use a direct, straight-talk and no-nonsense approach to show the fifferent short and long-term effects of switching from soft drugs to injectable ones (Crack, heroin, etc.)


An unconditional endorsement from street social workers and help centres. The posters, while shocking, helped some youth open up and at least talk about injectable drugs. Some youth stole some of the posters to keep them, as they felt these really talked to them. An endorsement from street youth, as it was not signed, nor did it seem to come from a governmental institution.

AgencyLXB Communication-Marketing
AdvertiserDirection de la santé publique de Montréal
Brand NameDirection de la santé publique de Montréal
Date of First Publication 01/06/2005
Country of ProductionCanada
TaglinePourquoi commencer?
Account Director: Marie-ève Côté-pallascio
Art Director: Martin Dessureaux
Copywriter: Jean Bissonnette ,  Martin Dessureaux ,  Pier Lalonde
Creative Director: Jean Bissonnette ,  Pier Lalonde
Photographer: Jean-françois Bérubé