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"Washright / Stop dosing" For A.I.S.E.
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In 1997, AISE adopted environmental objectives partly focusing on the use of their products. Awareness raising on the responsible use of laundry detergents by consumers appeared to be the best way to achieve progress.


To promote an eco-friendly use of household laundry detergents and to educate consumers about more sustainable washing habits. Harmonised information on the packs and in the stores has been followed by a broader communication through the media on behalf of the whole detergent industry.


Surveys conducted throughout Europe showed that 81% of respondents said they were likely to follow the Washright’s recommendations. Progress has been made (79% use lowest recommended temperature) and the EU did not recommend further regulation.

Title"Washright / Stop dosing"
AgencyAdel Saatchi & Saatchi
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 16/05/2002
Country of ProductionGreece
Account Director: Vicky Loannidou
Account Executive: Christina  Gabrieloglou
Copywriter: Katerina  Chryssanthakopoulou
Director: Marcelle Chryssopoulou
Producer: Marina  Xenopoulou
Production House: Digital