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"Sedona / Think before you drive" For Kia Motors
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In 1999, Kia had just entered the UK market. They decided to take advantage of the public debate on climate change to increase their market shares and promoted a new, environment friendly use of cars.


To incite customers to contribute to the fight against climate change by using their cars for long distance while switching to non polluting transportation for short trips. To this purpose, Kia offered a bike for each Sedona car purchased and supported the “Walking Bus” initiative (organisation of walking school buses to avoid car use).


The initiative was innovative and seen as praiseworthy, although Kia’s cars are not greener than most cars in the market.

Title"Sedona / Think before you drive"
AdvertiserKia Motors
Sustainability Themes Transport, Education & Awareness, Consumption Patterns
Date of First Publication 01/01/1999
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
LanguageKia Motorst
TaglineFor long trips, use the Sedona. For short ones, use your loaf.
Awards -APG planning award, 2001
Account Director: Robert Muir
Account Executive: Guy  Norwell
Creative Team: Kwai Heung mak ,  Kirsten Everett
Photographer: Terry  Paul