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"The Big Clean Up" For Auckland Regional Council
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New Zealand is booming, attracting people, capital, and industry. Once seemingly infinite, the islands’ resources of space and air are becoming scarce. Per capita waste output has tripled in the last 20 years and air quality in the 1.4-million agglomeration of Auckland is now worse than London’s.


To popularize and personalize Auckland’s resource management policy. The first step was making the general population aware of environmental issues. Second was using this awareness to involve people directly by showing them how to do their bit. The campaign focused on a limited number of issues everyone could relate to, like household waste, transport-related air pollution, and sustainable gardening (preserving New Zealand’s distinctive ecosystem by planting more native species).


In 2005, awareness of the ongoing campaign was polled at 50%. Over 40,000 households in Auckland are participating in a personalized tracking feature that measures resource consumption and gives targeted advice. Surveys indicate that 12% of those participating in the programme have made a substantial and lasting change towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Title"The Big Clean Up"
AdvertiserAuckland Regional Council
Sustainability Themes Waste & Recycling, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 01/01/2002
Country of ProductionNew Zealand
TaglineJoin the Big Clean Up